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When Priscilla Fletcher grips a wrench, she’s not just turning pipes; she’s twisting norms and shaping futures. Alongside Chris Mayer, this dynamic duo from Priscilla’s Plumbing joins me, Jeremy Wolfe, to share their story of craftsmanship and mentorship within the South Florida plumbing community. From Priscilla’s lineage as a fourth-generation plumber to the innovative training techniques they employ, our conversation is a deep exploration of the challenges and triumphs in the trade. Their dedication to educating the next wave of professionals, coupled with their specialized services like high-tech leak detection, illustrates the profound effect a local business can have on an entire industry.

As we navigate through our discussion, the echoes of COVID-19’s impact on essential workers like plumbers take center stage, reflecting on the bravery and commitment it took to keep homes functioning during the pandemic. I also share a slice of my own life, revealing how surviving childhood leukemia has informed my appreciation for the wisdom that comes from overcoming adversity. With an eye towards fostering stronger community bonds, we look towards creating a directory of resources through podcasting – a testament to the supportive power of storytelling. Priscilla and Chris’s journey is not just about pipes and fittings; it’s about passing down a legacy of service and skill that transcends generations.

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