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Tired of fixing your plumbing lines, leaking pipes and dripping faucets from companies that do not guarantee durability? Priscilla’s is here to help you. We provide various plumbing services, whether sump pump maintenance or water heater installation. 

Priscilla’s is an affordable plumbing company in South Florida that can do these services at amazing rates. You can also trust us to handle all the tricky plumbing equipment. You will also get guaranteed results and satisfactory services from our professional team. 

We offer reliability and durability in our services.

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We are one of South Florida’s top rated plumbing contractors that can quickly fix any plumbing problem. We can fix your sump pump to prevent your basement from flooding and install or maintain your tankless water heater without disrupting your electricity line and other plumbing related issues. 

Our services are widely appreciated by domestic or professional clients. You can read reviews from our precious clients on our website. Their trust and assurance is what keeps us going. We always try to improve our services to make your house or office a safe haven for you. 

We have skilled and experienced teams, specializing as Repipe Specialists, that are selected after rigorous training sessions. In addition to basic training, they undergo background checks and are periodically drug tested to ensure long-term productivity.

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Priscilla's Plumbing

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Full disclosure: I do not have any affiliation with this company, just a mere customer who needs his kitchen sink repaired. Issue: Faucet water was not coming out right away and when it did it was low flow (not a pressure problem) Solution offered: Replace the actual faucet and the bottom three valves as the valves were rusted over from last 24 years (never replaced). Like so many of us in south FL, we had hard time finding a good technician and company. I called Ted plumbing AKA Herbert plumbing/Priscella plumbing. Cari was the dispatcher and did an excellent job in getting the information & having someone come for free for determining the problem. Our technician was Jake. I have nothing but EXCELLENT things to say. First, he greeted me and my dad with a smile on his face. He had a very calm, honest, lovely demeanor. When he first entered our home, he kindly asked if he should take his shoes off. I will say, no one EVER asked us that. He showed great respect by this simple gesture as in our home, generally we do not walk with shoes in the house (Indian tradition stuff). Jake replaced the four faucets. When it was hard to maneuver around the holes, he was able to diligent improvise ways with his tools. He respected the house property in doing so and took caution. He offered several times to clean up after himself. When replacing the bottom three valves, he really worked hard and diligently, paying attention to EVERY details, walking us through the process. He told us what to think about in future if something went wrong etc... I had previously used several plumbing company and was met extreme disappointment. Either the person barely spoke English or charged fee to come look at the problem without even trying to see what was going on. Some even erroneously said wrong things to fix (I know because have family in Boston in Plumbing business haha). All, I can say is this company is EXCEPTIONAL. My parents were extremely happy with Jake's professionalism, respect for the home, and honesty. I think honesty goes a long way, after all, we are not stupid (some of us may have done some of the house fixtures ourselves). So seeing Jake being honest about the labor is a marksmanship that will go above and beyond in his career. I highly recommend this company if you need helping with plumbing issues. I know in future, I have them saved on my phone & will keep them priority. I placed pictures for you to see before (silver faucet) and after photos of faucet replacement (new black faucet) and the rusted valves that were replaced, after all pictures are worth a thousand words 😀 Thank you again Cari, Jake, Priscilla for the excellent experience.

From the professionalism and kindness of Ms Carrie who was the one who initially answered our phone call, to Mr Bryan the service provider that came to our home everything was PERFECTION. This is most integral, honest, efficient, professional, knowledgeable plumber in South Florida. May God overwhelm your business with new clients. Thank you!

Need a plumbHER? Call Priscilla's Plumbing!! Best plumbing service in South Florida! Very professional, knowledgeable and honest. I have used Priscilla's Plumbing at multiple properties both residential and commercial. Don't forget to get your drains camera inspected every year or so!!

Charles Jolly
5 days ago

Very professional customer service, quick response time and fair pricing.

Murray Mills
a week ago

Best plumbing service in the area! Very experienced, does immaculate work, and in a timely manner!

a week ago

Outstanding service! Quick, dependable, and efficient from start to finish. I felt confident in their abilities right from the start. I highly recommend them to everyone!

Call me !!

Devin Petrillo
3 weeks ago

What can I say I needed a plumber in Fort Lauderdale and they came out super quick. They were so nice completed the job within minutes and I am very pleased. I definitely recommend them and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Chase Kulp
a month ago

Highly recommend this company for any plumbing services. Incredibly responsive and professional for my both my home and my business needs. Thank you Priscilla’s Plumbing!

3 weeks ago

I had the best experience with this company. She knows her information about plumbing and so does her employees. I highly recommend them for anybody with any plumbing issues.

Krysten Zeisig
2 months ago

Priscilla and Cari were such a pleasure to work with! And so knowledgeable! Answered all my questions and put me at ease during a stressful plumbing situation that was handled in such a timely and professional manner! Will have their number saved FOREVER!

Jill Vandervoort
2 months ago

Joey came to my home to fix a water heater, washer hookup, and shut off valve. He was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to my availability. I would hire him again and highly recommend

Michelle Lacey
2 months ago

Cari was exceptional. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Will definitely recommend to all of my family and friends.

Shannon B
2 months ago

By far the best plumbing company out here! Came highly recommended and did not disappoint!!

Joanne Hendricks
2 months ago

From start to finish, Bobbie Jo was professional, knowledgeable, & extremely courteous. Definitely would recommend.


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Among the many worries of home and commercial property owners one common question stands out: Do green copper pipes need

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We are a pioneer in South Florida for providing the best plumbing service in the country. Our highly professional team is capable to tackle any plumbing issues efficiently.

You must choose us because.

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Whether you need an emergency plumber service at a late hour or your house gets flooded due to a slab leak or sump pump failure you will find Priscilla’s professional plumbing services at your side. We will send our trained team immediately to your doorstep to ensure your safety and comfort. 


1. What services does Priscilla offer?

Priscilla offers various services, including pipeline repair, the sump pump, water heater, and all plumbing related problems in your house.

Call (954) 304-9734 to book your appointment or get a quote for your plumbing needs.
Priscilla will notify you about your technician’s credentials and the estimated time he will reach your house.
Yes, you can call us any time of the day, we even provide plumbing services on holidays.
5. Are our plumbers licensed and trained?
Yes, all our technicians have a valid license and a passing certificate after a rigorous training program.
Yes, we can efficiently handle any type or model of water heater with a tank or tankless heater.
You can avoid any plumbing issues by taking tips from our professional technicians and installing our safety kits.
We train our technicians on government-affiliated courses with periodic drug tests and inspections. We take all the necessary steps to ensure the productivity of our workers.