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Why Do You Need Services From Repipe Specialists in South Florida?

Nobody wants to deal with faulty plumbing in their home or office, especially in such a busy life. However, sometimes, the lines get clogged or leaky and need urgent maintenance to ensure the smooth working of the water line. There are also some signs when you should seriously consider hiring a repipe company.

Some of the prominent signs are.

  1. Low Water Pressure: If you witness low water pressure in your taps and faucets, call Priscilla’s immediately. This is the sign you may need a repipe process service.
  2. Frequent Leaks: If you are experiencing constant leaking pipes and water waste in your home or office, this is a sign that your pipeline is outdated and needs an immediate update.
  3. Rusty Water: If the water’s color changes when you intend to use it, this is the biggest sign of corroded pipes. It may be a health hazard for your loved ones.
  4. Periodic Maintenance: You should check your pipelines periodically to maintain their durability and strength. The regular maintenance check will prevent you from witnessing any unfortunate plumbing repipe incident.

Priscilla’s Broad Range Services In The Market

We offer a wide range of repiping services in South Florida. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest efficiently. Additionally, our Water Leak Detection service is one of the top-performing plumbing services in the state.

Our range of services are.

  1. Residential Repiping: From whole houses to multi-unit complexes, we specialize in repiping projects of all sizes. Whether your plumbing system is outdated, corroded, or experiencing frequent leaks, we’ll upgrade your leaky pipes to ensure optimal performance and reliability for years.
  2. Commercial Repiping: Businesses trust Priscilla’s to deliver efficient and cost-effective repiping solutions that minimize disruptions to operations. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, corporate office, or retail establishment, we’ll work closely to meet your commercial plumbing needs.
  3. Emergency Repairs: Plumbing emergencies can strike anytime, causing water damage and costly repairs. Our dedicated team of technicians is available 24/7 to solve urgent problems such as burst pipes, leaks, and water line failures, providing swift and effective repairs when needed.

Priscilla’s Offer Its High Quality Repiping Services

You can hire Priscilla’s for plumbing repair or maintenance services. Our forte is our result oriented services and satisfactory customer service. We do not compromise on anything. Your comfort and convenience are our top priority. 

You will get the following perks from Priscilla’s.

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Partner with your favorite Priscilla’s Plumbing repipe specialists in South Florida now. We will provide you with our best customer service and a dedicated, trained technician team. We will serve the results, and you will be surprised. To repair, maintain, or change your pipelines, call +1(954) 325-4831 Priscialla’s now!

Our Services

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Repipe Pipeling
Repair or change your pipelines from Priscilla’s Plumbing to stop water leakage and foundation wreckage. A craftsmanship elegance that will…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Leak Detection
Inspecting a leakage and finding a Water leak in the pipelines? Worry no more, call Priscilla’s Plumbing and get the…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Sump Pumps
Have you found your basement flooded after rain? Call our skilled technicians from Priscilla to solve all your sump pump…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Tankless Water Heater
Looking for a repair company for your expensive tankless water heater? Priscilla offers versatile and diverse installation or repair services…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Conservation
Optimize your water source with Priscilla’s Plumbing techniques and tools. Save water for you and your future generations….
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Filtration
Worried about dirty and visible grime in the drinking water? Priscilla’s Plumbing can install or repair faulty filtration systems at…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Heater
The water heater malfunctioned suddenly for no apparent reason. Call us now to repair your faulty water heater before it’s…
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Sewer Services
Tired of getting your sewer stuck again and again? Call Priscilla’s Plumbing and get professional technicians to open, clean, or…
Backflow Prevention
Are you worried about watching sewer water mixing with your clean drinking water? It is a backflow machine malfunction. Call…
Overflow Plumbing
Is your bathroom or kitchen sink acting up lately? No worries, call Priscillas to fix it and get nice, cozy…
Drain Cleaning
Drain cleaning is our service that removes blockages from plumbing systems to ensure free-flowing drains. It involves tools like augers…
Slab Leak Detection
Our slab leak detection service identifies and locates leaks in water pipes underneath concrete slabs, using specialized equipment to diagnose…

What Our Client Says About Priscilla's Plumbing

Priscilla's Plumbing

5.0Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 18 Google reviews

Call me !!

What can I say I needed a plumber in Fort Lauderdale and they came out super quick. They were so nice completed the job within minutes and I am very pleased. I definitely recommend them and I look forward to working with them in the future.

a day ago

I had the best experience with this company. She knows her information about plumbing and so does her employees. I highly recommend them for anybody with any plumbing issues.

Nick Roy
a week ago

Swift Response and Exemplary Service There's no stress quite like having plumbing troubles, where every passing second can feel like another liter of water potentially damaging your home. On a fateful Tuesday evening, that's exactly the predicament I found myself in—one moment planning for dinner, the next battling an unexpected, determined leak under the kitchen sink. It was time to ring up the heroes of such crises, the local plumbing service of Priscilla's Plumbing, which proved to be a decision that saved the day (and possibly the kitchen floor). Stellar Response Time The standout feature that impressed me from the get-go was their swiftness in answering the distress call. A plumber was knocking at my door within 30 minutes post-panic—I could barely process the speed of it. Efficiency in emergencies such as this isn’t just appreciated; it’s paramount. Instant relief washed over me, knowing that the issue was about to be in capable hands. Heightened Level of Professionalism Upon arrival, I was greeted by more than just prompt service—professionalism shone through every step of the process. From the initial introductions to the moment they packed their gear, the plumber that was assigned was a paragon of courteous service. They worked methodically, explaining as they assessed the damage and strategized the repair needed. Their expertise was apparent, and the approach was confidently reassuring—traits you wish all service professionals embodied. Competitive and Transparent Pricing Discussing costs after emergency repairs often conjures images of staggering figures that hit almost as hard as the initial emergency. However, this was a different. The bill presented was not only competitive but also transparent. No hidden charges or last-minute add-ons. It’s rare to find a service that treats pricing with as much integrity as they do their craft, making the entire ordeal far less daunting than anticipated. Rounding Up the Experience Ending the day with a once-again dry kitchen and peace of mind was a testament to the quality of the service provided. A plumbing emergency was averted with such professional ease that it feels only right to sing praises. Whether you're a homeowner blindsided by sudden leaks or in need of a routine plumbing check, this is a service you'd want on speed dial. From their lightning-fast response time to their unwavering professionalism and to their wallet-friendly prices, this local plumbing service undoubtedly rises above the average. I am left thoroughly impressed by the quality and value of the service received—it's a full recommendation from me. For anyone staring down the barrel of a plumbing nightmare, consider Priscilla's Plumbing for a reliable fix.

Kira Palmquist
a week ago

Will be using this service again. Bobbie was very efficient and a good plumber.

Good company , Amazing my house 👍 thank you guys

Chase Kulp
a week ago

Highly recommend this company for any plumbing services. Incredibly responsive and professional for my both my home and my business needs. Thank you Priscilla’s Plumbing!

Patrick Cape
2 weeks ago

Great company, they installed a new water filtration system for my home. Extremely happy with the service. I will definitely recommend Pricillas plumbing and her team

Joanne Hendricks
a month ago

From start to finish, Bobbie Jo was professional, knowledgeable, & extremely courteous. Definitely would recommend.

Justin Ferguson
2 weeks ago

Excellent service. Always on point and very knowledgeable!!! Thanks Priscillas Plumbing!!!

Cid Teles
a month ago

Bobbie Jo Teles came out and did amazing job, the best plumber girl

Shannon B
a month ago

By far the best plumbing company out here! Came highly recommended and did not disappoint!!

Chris Mayer
a month ago

Clean and very professional and fair prices.


Among the many worries of home and commercial property owners one common question stands out: Do green copper pipes need

Are you dealing with a pesky leak in your copper pipe? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Leaking pipes can be

Priscillas Plumbing is committed to providing various plumbing services tailored to every customer’s unique needs. Their services are designed to


What are Repipe Specialists?
Repipe specialists are plumbers who specialize in replacing old or damaged pipes in buildings. They are trained to handle complex repiping projects.
A repipe involves replacing old or damaged pipes in a building with new ones. This is typically done to improve the plumbing system’s performance, address leaks or low water pressure or upgrade to more durable and efficient piping materials.
Yes, repiping a house can be worth it if the existing pipes are old, corroded or causing frequent leaks. It can improve water quality increase water pressure and prevent costly water damage.
The cost of repiping a house can vary depending on factors like the size of the house, the number of fixtures and the type of pipes used. It can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $10,000 or more.
Repipe specialists charge a higher fee because repiping involves significant labor and material costs. The process can be labor intensive requiring careful planning and expertise to ensure the new pipes are installed correctly.
Plumbers start by shutting off the water supply and draining the existing pipes. They then remove the old pipes and install new ones connecting them properly to the fixtures and main water line.
What is the Best Material to Repipe a House?
The best material for repiping a house depends on budget and local building codes. Common options include copper, PEX and CPVC pipes each with advantages and disadvantages.
The cost to replumb a house can vary based on similar factors to repiping but for a 900 square foot house it might range from $3,000 to $8,000 or more.
The most expensive part of a plumbing system is often the main water line as it requires larger more durable pipes to handle the water supply for the entire house.
Yes, a repipe specialist can handle drain and water supply lines. Drain lines are an essential part of a plumbing system and can also deteriorate over time, leading to leaks clogs or other issues.
The cost of hiring a repipe specialist can vary depending on factors like the extent of the repiping project and the specialist’s pricing. It’s best to get quotes from multiple specialists to compare prices.