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Slab leaks repair in south florida
Repipe Pipeling
Repair or change your pipelines from Priscilla’s to stop water leakage and foundation wreckage. A craftsmanship elegance that will save your house while increasing the aesthetic appeal.
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Leak Detection

Inspecting a leakage and finding a water leak in the pipelines? Worry no more, call Priscilla’s and get the best team to solve all your leaks pipelines.

Slab leaks repair in south florida
Sump Pumps
Have you found your basement flooded after rain? Call our skilled technicians from Priscilla to solve all your sump pump faults. We won’t stop until your basement is completely dry.
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Tankless Water Heater

Looking for a repair company for your expensive tankless water heater? Priscilla offers versatile and diverse installation or repair services in South Florida.

Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Conservation
Optimize your water source with Priscilla’s techniques and tools. Save water for you and your future generations.
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Filteration

Worried about dirty and visible grime in the drinking water? Priscilla’s can install or repair faulty filtration systems at the most affordable rates in South Florida.

Slab leaks repair in south florida
Water Heaters
The water heater malfunctioned suddenly for no apparent reason. Call us now to repair your faulty water heater before it’s too late.
Slab leaks repair in south florida
Sewer Services
Tired of getting your sewer stuck again and again? Call Priscilla’s and get professional technicians to open, clean, or repair your sewer system.
Backflow Prevention
Are you worried about watching sewer water mixing with your clean drinking water? It is a backflow machine malfunction. Call us and get it fixed by one of our experienced technicians now!
Overflow Plumbing
Is your bathroom or kitchen sink acting up lately? No worries, call Priscillas to fix it and get nice, cozy water in your house.
Drain Cleaning
Drain cleaning is our service that removes blockages from plumbing systems to ensure free-flowing drains. It involves tools like augers and high-pressure water jets to clear pipes, preventing backups and maintaining hygiene.
Slab Leak Detection
Our slab leak detection service identifies and locates leaks in water pipes underneath concrete slabs, using specialized equipment to diagnose and assess damage with minimal disruption.

The Ultimate Solution For All Your Plumbing Problems

In South Florida weather you may need plumbing services to install repair or maintain your pipes and water systems. You can trust Priscilla’s Plumbing for all these services. We will send a team of technicians to detect and fix the problem in a nominal time.

Call +1(954) 325-4831 Priscilla’s Plumbing to avail quality craftsmanship for your house’s plumbing system.