Choose The Perfect Pump To Avoid Continuous Sump Pump Repair

Sump Pump Repair

Owing a house is anyone’s biggest achievement in this era. You build your safe haven for your family and the next generation to live in peace and harmony. However, owning a house involves various responsibilities, like repairs and maintenance. One thing that needs a lot of attention is your basement, which constantly needs sump pump repair.

A sump pump is a machine that digs out water from your basement outside your home. It consists of two parts, a hole carved in the middle of the basement, typically known as a pit. Another part is known as a basin that holds the pump and other wirings that powerfully suck out the excess water from your basement and keep the area dry.

A sump pump is a unique machine that detects increasing water levels and pressure so that these levels do not rise too high. These pumps use a switch to detect the time for the suction of water if it exceeds the limit. After the detection, it uses electricity, battery, or water to turn on, remove the water from your basement, and transfer it to the outer container.

Why Does Your Basement Need Constant Sump Pump Repair?

One thing that any homeowner is tired of is repairing their basement sump pump again and again. It takes a toll on the budget and mental health equally. However, recognizing the reasons and taking preventive measures will make your sump pump last longer.

Some of the prominent reasons for malfunctioning sump pumps are as follows.

Not Testing Your Pump Regularly

Make sure you test your sump pump system at least once a year to know whether you need to repair or replace it! To test the pump, simply get a five-gallon of water and pour it into your sump basin until your pressure switch is triggered. If the water does not drain out and your pump does not turn on, you may need to buy and install a new one.

Unplugging the Pump

Surprisingly, a common issue with sump pumps, particularly in basements used for more than just storage, like a guest room, is that the pump can get unplugged. The outlet is often needed, so the pump is disconnected from the power and not plugged back in. It’s best to ensure your pump never gets unplugged, so use your basement accordingly.

Draining into Municipal Water or Sewer Systems

In older homes, it was common for these systems to drain into your local water systems. However, more recently, laws and regulations have been implemented to prevent this because municipal water and sewer systems were overwhelmed, particularly when it rains.

Old Age

Age is just a number, but not in the case of sump pumps. Typically, these sump pumps have an age limit of 5 to 10 years. However, they might need a replacement if they become faulty repeatedly and need constant repair after a few weeks. Try to get a pump that promises long-lasting results with guarantees and warranty claims.

Failure to Get Preventative Maintenance Done

Preventative maintenance is vital when you have a sump pump system. Debris or mold in the pump, faulty wiring, or even broken pipes can cause many issues. Catching these problems early can prevent larger, more expensive problems.

These are just a few signs of the sump pump repair needs. By taking preventative measures and taking timely action, you can avoid the cost of repairing and installing new installations. A safe and dry basement is what any homeowner needs at any moment of the day.

Types Of Sump Pumps Used In The Basement

Several types of durable sump pumps are available in the market. Each pump consists of different horsepower (HP) and consistency. You can select the pump according to your requirements and budget.

Some of the common types are

Submersible Sump Pumps

Submersible sump pumps contain the pump and energy motor in one single unit. They sit closed inside a basin in your basement. Because submersible pumps are completely immersed in the water basin, they are often quieter, storage efficient for your basement, and block less than a pedestal. However, due to the effects of water submersion, they may not last as long as other sump pumps. This is still the best option for homes prone to major flooding concerns.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Unlike a submersible sump pump, a pedestal pump consists of a separate motor and basin pump. The motor is installed on a pedestal above the basin, with a hose running to where the pump is placed. The pump sends water to your designated drain area through the hose and out. Because the motor is not submerged, it often has a longer lifespan than other sump pumps and can be easily accessed for maintenance issues. However, it also means it can be louder and take up more space than the submersible pump.

Battery Operated Backup

A battery backed sump pump is a great way to provide extra security from flood and water damage. A battery backup with an effective float switch enables your sump pump to work even when your power is out during a storm when you need it the most. When the power goes out, the pump’s primary energy source goes out, too. Water rises in the pump basin and the float switch is triggered sending your battery a signal for action.

Water Powered Backup

A unique water powered backup clears the water in your basin through increased water pressure. The advantage of a water powered system is that there is no need to monitor the backup or replace any batteries. Using additional water raises your water bill significantly and is a bit controversial. Some cities do not allow them to be installed.

The basement is where you store all the essential items. A constant need for sump pump repair can ruin your precious belongings and cost you a hefty amount in maintenance. Looking out for the potential causes and installing the perfect sump pump in your basement can make your life easier and dry without any fear of flooding in the long future.

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How do I know what sump pump I need?

Consider basement size, water table level, and rainfall. Choose a submersible pump for quiet operation and space-saving or a pedestal pump for easier maintenance.

Is a higher HP sump pump better?

A higher HP pump moves water faster, but a 1/3 HP is sufficient for most homes. You only need a higher HP for deep basements, high water tables, or long discharge pipes.

Can a sump pump be too powerful?

Yes, a standard sump pump can be too powerful for your basement. It will operate on and off too frequently, causing unnecessary wear and tear and shortening its lifespan.


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